My mom was my idol. There wasn't anything that woman couldn't do (still isn't). From the most technical task to the most creative--she just had a magic about her that conquered the unthinkable, Her love for art and music inspired me to play around with our 35mm from the age of 3 years old. This is where it all began.

I always had a knack for identifying the unseen--you can call it a gift or simply the draw to appreciate the mystery of life. Anything that couldn't be explained in books received my utmost attention--still does. Part of what has driven this desire is the unwillingness to settle for the status quo. I have found refuge and solace hiding behind a lens, quietly observing the graceful dance--or feud--between emotions and their master.

I learned to glean from my surroundings, feel my way through situations, and understand people by their reactions. I connect through empathy and understand that my place in this world is given purpose when I can help a person transcend into a truer version of themselves.

Through the years, my talents in the classic arts and business, Latin and Hispanic roots, and spiritual path have all helped me connect with people deeply. I continuously perfect my craft in capturing moments that either distinguish the subject from its surroundings or that leave a mark in the hearts of my clients. As a photographer and business woman, I take the craft of being present in the moment very seriously. My parting gift to all my clients, outside the work itself, is the experience of acceptance, and knowing that every precious moment is being safely captured.

Cada means "every" in Spanish, and every "moment" deserves a shot.

Photo Credit: Jamie Nease Photography. jamienease.com