Showcase Your Space

Whether an office, storefront, place of leisure or rest stop, CADAFOTO can capture the environment's authentic nature.

Better Homes & Garden Office - 1427 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA

Better Homes & Garden Office - 1427 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA

Natural Light

The challenge with any space is its lighting conditions. You often don't have enough natural light to eliminate shadows, and conversely struggle with balancing different light sources to capture a single temperature. Key to capturing a convincing space is identifying one, max two, light sources that draws the viewer in.

_MG_8394 working colors.jpg
_MG_8399 working colors.jpg

Perspective & Mood

It goes without saying that perspective is everything--it absolutely affects one's mood. Whether figuratively or literally, how you see your environment and how you want to feel in it do not always coincide. Ensuring it embodies the true nature of the experience you wish to offer to your guests, clients, or staff, is something to consider before designing your space. This is why CADAFOTO can even help stylize your space for optimal finishing before capturing the final "look".

For inquiries on photographing your space, contact me below.